Apparently some nasty bots found it way into my hosting environment and left a path of destruction. I’ve removed most of the offending pieces from the site, but have been forced to update and probably have lost some stuff.

Sorry about that, such is life.

Entering the home stretch

UC Baby Image

8 weeks left and counting. In theory that is. There’s a 5% chance that there’s 8 weeks left. and a 95% chance that it’s between 6 and 10 weeks. Cara’s hoping for more like 6.

The second and final 4D ultrasound is complete. It took a little while to encode the video, but it’s ready to good now. The video can be seen at:


The rest of the photos from the session are up as well. Click on the picture to see the whole set.

It's a baby

It’s official. We’re having a baby. It’s due Sept 19th. We had our first ultrasound today and all indications say it’s healthy and active. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, although it really tried to show us (check the gallery by clicking the picture).


New Puppy!

We have a new addition to our household. A little 3 month-old Shih Tzu named Basil. He’s about 10 lbs and black and white in color.
He’ a little suck and hasn’t left our side for more 30s when we’re not at work. He walks great (when he’s not distracted) and loves to play in the park. We’ve almost managed to convince him that the pad upstairs is the only place to pee…almost. I’m sure he’ll train us soon enough.

We're in

We’re in our new place now, and getting settled. I just realized I hadn’t mentioned that.
We’ve been here almost 4 weeks now, but unfortunately only 1 full weekend. With our busy social calendar (Hahaha) and Cara’s work schedule, we haven’t had a lot of time to settle. It’s getting there, though.
I’ll post a nice walkthrough once we get it the way we like it.

The flooring is done

We went to the new place to take a look today and the flooring is all done. So they just have some plumbing, cabinetry and appliances to finish before the end of the week.

There are more pictures as well.

The back of the building.

Condo Pics

We finally remembered to bring our camera to the condo complex to take some shots of the place. It was our intention to take pictures of the progression, since it didn’t have siding when we bought it. Unfortunately we kept forgetting. Luckily they’re still building more buildings on the complex that look exactly the same, so we just took pictures of them instead 🙂

The back of the building.

Spam is a strange thing

Spam is everywhere on the internet. I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that the majority of email messages sent are spam. Blogs are also not immune to the aggravation of spam. My last blog got over 1000 nonsense comments posted in the blink of an eye. The messages came in faster than I could delete them.

I installed this spam blocker in this page when I updated the software. It’s designed to look for traits common to spam messages (like 30 links to porn sites or the word Viagra throughout). After I got it up and running, I was amazed how well it worked. It stopped over 750 messages within a 2 week period.

I looked at it today, and there was only 1 message left in my junk box. It appears I have held the line and made the spammers give up. Hooray!

Unfortunately, now I’m on my own if I’m looking for sources of non-brand name prescription drugs.