Look who is Seven months old


Lucas has had in interesting last month. He caught “croup” which is a viral infection that swells his throat, making him wheeze and cough. Unfortunately, even though he is better, he is still wheezing. Worried mom took him to the Children’s Hospital twice and the medi clinic. Poor little guy. Our little man is also¬†getting his first teeth… the two front bottom teeth are coming in together. He is such a trooper and is a very happy baby, just chewing away on his little razbaby teether/soother. We also experienced his first thunderstorm today, and he didn’t even flinch. He is working on the crawling thing and actually goes backwards. If he wants to get anywhere he will usually roll to it or scream. I think he wants to skip the crawling and go straight to walking.¬†

2 thoughts on “Look who is Seven months old

  1. Hello there: What a cutie, can’t say it enough. I can hardly wait until the end of this month to be able to hold him and cuddle him.. Hope he doesn’t make strange. Thanks for the Grandma Day’s card. I love it..

    Grandma D.

  2. Hi! my favorite people: Thanks for the phone call message Sam. Sorry I wasn’t here to talk to you. We were in Weyburn for the day. I love the latest videos of Lucas. He really enjoys that Jolly Jumper, doesn’t he?? It’s making his little legs nice and strong.

    Grandma D.

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