Lucas Oliver Leitch

Born: September 22nd, 8:55pm
9lbs 12oz (Yes, that’s really 9lbs 12oz, and not a chubby 9lbs 12oz, he’s a big baby)

Baby is doing great and mom is recovering well.

9 thoughts on “Lucas Oliver Leitch

  1. Congratulations you guys. He’s just beautiful, and I think he looks a lot like Sam! Hopefully the recovery is quick and you get home as soon as possible.

  2. Hi! Sammy: Oh! may goodness, what a beautiful big boy. He’s gorgeous. He looks like you when you were born. I can hardly wait to see him. Don’t know when we will get up there. Grandpa is till recovering from surgery in the hospital. Bye for now. Love you guys.


  3. Let me know when you are up for visitors… I have a package for you from Halo if you can believe it. I would love to drop it off but I don’t want to drop in when you need sleep. Let me know if you need anything.

  4. Hi! Mommy & Daddy Leitch:

    I just looked at the latest pictures of your handsome son. He is so nice. I can hardly wait to see him and cuddle him. When that will be, I don’t know. Your Grandpa is doing pretty good. Taking short walks to get the heart stonger and his breathing better. I plan on calling Cara tomorrow on her birthday.

    Love, Grandma.

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