We are half way there…

Well 20 weeks and counting…
Last week we went to get a check up and ultrasound done. The baby’s looking nice and healthy. We found out he’s a he, which is great.
This week we went to UC-Baby to get our 4D ultrasound done. It was neat. the pictures from the session are in the baby photo gallery. The video from the session can be viewed here. Warning the video requires a high-speed internet connection to view.

Now that we’ve seen what he looks like, we’re trying to decide on names. Front-runners come and go with the tide, but hopefully we can think of something in the next 20 weeks.

2 thoughts on “We are half way there…

  1. Wow!! HE looks like he might be a nice size. Congratulations!! We watched the video on Saturday and couldn’t believe our eyes. What a miracle. Love you guys.

    Grandma and Grandpa D..

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