Cara's ever growing tummy and other baby news

It is by popular demand that I post a picture of my ever growing belly. I find it to be a little bigger then what it should be, but are told that every pregnancy is different. I have not gained any weight and in fact have actually lost a few pounds. So maybe I was more fit then I thought I was.

Tummy Shot 2

I am feeling quite a bit better in the 2nd trimester then in the first. In the first, I felt nausea quite a bit but lucky for me, was never sick. Then the 2nd trimester hit and I got the stomach flu. Happy happy, Joy joy! Now that that is over with, I am feeling as normal as someone with a baby growing inside her would feel. Every once in a while I am dizzy, tired or just plain uncomfortable but all to be expected.

Next week will be our 18 week diagnostic ultrasound to ensure everything is going well and to find out the gender. Sam and I have also decided to partake in 3D/4D Ultrasounds, these will be taken at 20 weeks and 30 weeks. This way we get to see what our baby looks like before he or she enters the world. They will also confirm the gender of our baby to be. For those of you who have never seen 3D Ultrasounds… go to and look at the gallery. The pictures there are amazing. I have spoken to a lot of mothers and fathers and all recommend the entertainment ultrasound. If you wish to be added to the live broadcasting of our 3D/4D Ultrasound, please comment back and we can add you to the list.

That is it for baby news… keep watching back for more pics and updates.