Wow Six Months come and gone…

Well in August was our official six month anniversary, and we are still happy….phew.

The happy couple are still in Calgary but now have the bug to move again… Sam's influence on the subject. He has the craving to move towards the center of the universe… That's right Toronto. So we are looking at all the options and are currently "seriously" thinking about it. We are both at the right time in our life with no house, kids or anything to hold us back. So generally speaking it is the best time to think about it… but that is all we are doing at this point in time… Thinking about it. Don't start jumping to conclusions yet. We got lots of time.

We are also both at the same jobs… me at DaimlerChrysler Financial Services in Collections/Customer Service and Sam at Shaw Communications as well… a guy that programs a lot of stuff that I don't get to see, or something along that line. I am very happy and could possibly get promoted right away and Sam is still trying to program stuff I don't understand by try desperatly too.

We are also still looking but not really looking for a house. You see the market is slowing down which means houses are actually starting (emphasis on the starting) to sell at prices that they are worth. All good except they are still too much for us. So I guess we are not going to be buying anything any time soon, but we are still looking.