About Us

In an effort to get ready for our wedding, Sam and Cara will be creating wedding pages. The first is About Us, which provides some background about us, and how we got to this momentus occasion. More will come soon…

I'm Done!

I am now officially unofficially done school.

I say officially because I completed and defended my Master's thesis at the beginning of June. I completed the requested revision to my thesis 1 week later, and have everything submitted to the proper places. I say unofficial because I haven't recieved any response from those people who recieved the proper documentation. I also have a paper for journal publication that I promised I would complete before I left the realm of academia.

I any case, I'm now living in Calgary with Cara. I have a new phone number in Calgary, just hit Read More to see it and my address here.

And yes, you may begin calling me Master at any time.

Larry's Moving again

I hope this is the last time for quite a while.

We bought a house in the Tuxedo area of Winnipeg. Very nice area with trees that make a canopy over the street and some $1,000,000plus houses on the same block. Its just 4 street over from the big park (Assiniboine) with the zoo and conservatory. Ours is a story and three-quarters with a single attached garage that I get to make into a double with a room over-top this summer. I'll post some pictures when I have time.

Hit Read More for my new address and phone number.

We'll be moving in this Saturday July 2. I can hardly wait.