We are now at term…

Well I am now 37 weeks pregnant but I am measuring at 41 weeks… yes I am that big. So the doctor on Wednesday thinks our little one will be born within the next week and a half. I am crossing my fingers as I really do not want a really big baby… hopefully if he comes early then he can be average. They also say that I now have gestational diabetes but nothing to worry about this close to termĀ  (the baby is already really big). I have been referred to the diabetes during pregnancy clinic to learn how to monitor what I eat and to start measuring by blood sugar levels. The only concern at this point is the baby’s insulin levels at birth… if I continue to eat a lot of glucose, he could have high insulin levels.

I am also starting to dilate so things seem to be moving along. I now have doctor appointments every week and get one more ultrasound next Wednesday. I also went for my last massage before birth today and loved it… did you know they actually have beds with holes in it for pregos like me. Although now I am having mild contractions in my back… how lovely.

Other then that I am still feeling pretty good but am ready to have my body to myself rather then share. Sleep is becoming harder to make reality. Sam is being super supportive and is trying to help and stay out of the way the best he can. Ah yes and most importantly, my last day of work was yesterday so everything is starting to become very real. Well that is about all I can say… watch for the last pics of super huge me and our little one to be.