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The new page has comments (like the old page), but this time I have a spam filter. That means that anyone can post a comment (no registration required) but the nasty spammers that plagued my old page are kept out. In fact, I’ve blocked over 750 spam messages in the past 2 weeks alone.

Anyway, leave us a hello if you read this.

We are anchoring ship…

Star log 03/24/2007… this week we have discovered land in the far off coast of Calgary… we call it New Brighton… ok enough of that. This week Sam and I have found a townhouse in the english community of New Brighton. It is on the far southeast side of the city just a hop, skip and a jump away from both the Deerfoot and the 22X. We are buying a spec home but still get to pick colours, carpets and stuff like like. The complex is called Mosaic and can be viewed at and clicking the Calgary link. From there find the bright orange square… click on that and you have our complex. We selected the Libero floorplan with the rear kitchen and the three bedrooms upstairs. We also have an end unit so there are extra windows and square footage on the top floor. It is scheduled to be finished late May/early June.

In other news, we just finished celebrating our one year anniversary. Yeah us!!! For this we took a trip to San Francisco and saw all the sites. You can view pics on the gallery site… my favorite is Sam as a china man. Go check it out… too funny. We also got to do lots of shopping, view the Golden Gate, play in the Science Center, and generally have lots of fun.

Well I think that is everything in the world of Sam and Cara… stay tuned for the next episode, same Leitch time, same Leitch station. Signing out… CareBear