Tripod's "Gonna make you happy tonight"

I do not like the idea of giving music away that "should" otherwise be paid for, assuming it's worth the price. To me, music from Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson is hardly worth my time, let alone the price of a CD. However, the song that was played at my wedding (Tripod's Gonna make you happy tonight) is worth the price.

Some people have asked me for a copy of the song so here it is. However, if you really like it and want to share it like we did, please go buy the CD from places like (in fact here's a link to the album). If it plays instead of downloading when you hit the link, right click and hit “Save as…”.

If you just want to hear the song again, here's a video of the song posted on Google Video and a video of part of the song recorded at the wedding.

We're Married

Just got home from Saskatoon and finished unloading a few minutes ago. We're done the getting married part, and now we've started the being married part.

I'll get photos online as soon as I get them and sort through them.

If you have photos to contribute, I've setup a place to recieve them. Send an email to samandcara (at) and I'll send you detailed (and/or easy step-by-step) instructions of how to upload them.

Notes from the Bride

Is anyone else getting nervous, excited, can't sleep antisipatory… Well I am all the above. I cannot wait for the day to arrive and I am having trouble sleeping. Where is Morgan and her Gravol when you need her. Anyway, only a week left and I am already beaming. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping, it is greatly appreciated and I really couldn't have done this without you. Tonight is the stag & stagette and I cannot wait. Again with the not sleeping. Well, I am off and running. See you all in one week and counting.