The new (again)

In the classic method that I have for just deciding to up and change things, I’ve decided to up and change things again. This is the new article engine for It’s a much better tool for writing posts to inform people about what’s going on. It’s not a very good site for displaying pictures or having a forum. But, I have a better piece of software for displaying pictures (gallery) and I dropped the forums a long time ago. Meanwhile, the new software also works with PHP5/FastCGI so pages should load faster.

Small tools that do their job well, not big tools that do many things poorly.

BTW, all of the old posts from the two previous versions of have been imported to the new The old ones will probably vanish very soon.

New Photo Gallery

I've updated the photo gallery software and finally moved all of the old photos over to it.

The new software (aptly called Gallery) is a nicer interface, has better upload options and even allows you to order prints right from the site.

You'll have to register with the new software. It's not smart enough to know all of the username/passwords for this site. However, once you do, you can create your own gallery and start uploading wonderful pictures.